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“Writing for Memod has been an exciting and fruitful experiment. I understand ideas and questions so much better once I express them in a Memo. The word limit forces you to stay conscious of the fact that you’re writing on the internet, and the internet rewards brevity. With effort and focus, it’s possible to create a beautiful writing portfolio on Memod in a short span of time. The uniformity of each Memo, the rough similarity in length and formatting, also keeps the readers interested in consuming more content. Tweets get lost and articles are too inaccessible - the only writing that will continue to resonate in a few years will be bite-sized, value-driven, and respectful of the readers’ time - everything that Memod stands for. Happy to be among Memod’s early creators and grow alongside the platform!”

“The primary way to become a better writer is to practice writing. Memo’d offers the perfect opportunity to practice impactful writing at a manageable length. Writing for Memo’d has inspired creativity in me that I didn’t know I had. At the end of the day, a Memo’d profile is something you can be proud of, in a way that content on most other social media profiles can’t really compare.”

"Memo’d has made it easy for me to get insights on multiple topics. I highly recommend it for those who have less time to read. Memos explain everything in a concise format and will help you learn more in less time. It also helped me to express myself in limited words which can be a superpower in time-constraining situations. The word limit helped me transition from content writing to content design where short-form writing is one of the required skills."

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