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A platform where curiosity meets wisdom

…and concise ideas shine

Memo’d is the ultimate free platform to:

Publish short pieces of content in a noise-free environment

Showcase your short-form work in one SEO-friendly place


Make money from your ideas + receive free mentorship

Get Discovered

Get discovered

Don’t let good ideas go to waste. Give your short-form writing the attention it deserves.


Create a shareable body of work for an audience that’s hungry for wisdom.


Get 1:1 help from successful writers on what it takes to write viral content.


Monetize your work by:
  • receiving tips from readers
  • “locking” content at a price of your choosing
  • qualifying for creator pool payouts
  • enjoying zero subscription or tier costs


“Tweets get lost and articles are too inaccessible. The only writing that will continue to resonate in a few years will be bite-sized, value-driven, and respectful of the readers’ time - everything that Memo'd stands for.”

Jash Dholani
Jash Dholani

“Memo’d has enabled me to improve my writing skills, come up with interesting and creative ideas, and write them in a concise manner. It has a lot to offer for readers and writers alike. Seamless interface and just great content to improve our lives.”

Chirag Malik
Chirag Malik

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